Reliable MINI and BMW Servicing in Bolton

Cromptons Automotive LTD is your leading independent choice for MINI and BMW servicing in Bolton and the immediate Greater Manchester area. Our complete servicing and repair options are delivered by trained mechanics working for a fully insured business that always adheres to manufacturer service schedules and the latest trade and industry best practices.

We only use original or manufacturer approved OEM replacement components to ensure any remaining warranties on your vehicle are unaffected. Our workshop also uses the latest innovative equipment to reset computers after servicing and we always ensure your service book is stamped to help maintain a full service history on your vehicle

What to Expect from our BMW and MINI Servicing in Bolton

Typical BMW and MINI servicing in Bolton takes two hours. We politely request that you leave your vehicle in our capable hands for the day and subject to finding any additional faults, we will call you as soon as your vehicle is ready to be collected. If you wish to wait while your service is completed, we provide comfortable facilities where a selection of refreshments and free Wi-Fi are available.

Our experienced team of mechanics undertakes all servicing work professionally and diligently to ensure you receive quality workmanship at all times. Cromptons Automotive LTD offers complete customer care to all individual and fleet drivers and our servicing packages are carefully designed to promote a smooth, reliable driving experience with a minimised risk of breakdowns.

Innovative MINI and BMW Diagnostics in Bolton

Modern vehicles optimise the use of automotive technology using computerised systems that monitor performance. We provide MINI and BMW diagnostics in Bolton to ensure the engine, safety systems and other manufacturer parameters are all operating within their specified range in a safe and correct manner.

In most cases, vehicle owners become aware of engine management issues when dashboard warning lights appear. Although it may seem easier to ignore them, these indicators are usually indicative of a more serious problem that should receive the immediate attention of an engine management specialist.

Cromptons Automotive LTD uses the latest code reading technology, manufactured by Bosch, to identify faults and to propose an effective solution once problems within the vehicle sub-system are found. We can administer MINI and BMW diagnostics in Bolton on an individual basis or as part of our extensive vehicle servicing range.

Car Air Conditioning Repairs and Maintenance

Cromptons Automotive LTD can provide a detailed check on your vehicle air conditioning system and deliver a quality repair and maintenance service that encompasses the following items:

  • Cabin Temperature
  • Gas Quantity
  • System Pressure
  • Belt Tension and Condition
  • Hoses and Fittings
  • Recharge of Refrigerants
  • Microbiological Cleaning
  • Filter Replacements

We recommend that your vehicle air conditioning is inspected and serviced every two years or at 24,000-mile intervals. Cromptons Automotive LTD includes air conditioning maintenance within our service packages although these standard manufacturer service schedules do not usually advise this depth of attention.

Brake and Clutch Repairs

Although we trade as experts for BMW servicing in Bolton, we are also vehicle safety and transmission specialists. Cromptons Automotive LTD is your number one choice for brake and clutch repairs. We have immediate access to a wide range of brakes and clutches from local factors and our experienced technicians can complete all new installations at highly competitive prices.

Call us today for clutch repairs, engine diagnostics and MINI Servicing in Bolton.